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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Anne 'Principles' Campbell

I wrote last week about the dreadful and shameless behaviour of Cambridge MP Anne Campbell (see below), predicting, inter alia, that

"Since being one of the first MPs to oppose the proposals, having suffered for her behaviour around the 1997 General Election when she, allegedly, flyered the whole university with 'No Tuition Fees Here' leaflets, it seems she wouldn't mind developing cold feet...

Watch this space for the survey's ambiguous results!"

It seems that having devised her most absurd little online poll she has done the inevitable and...abstained! I will write more on this later when I have calmed down, but for an MP representing a university town to abstain on an issue such as this is nothing short of disgraceful. There is no reason why she should show 'no opinion', especially as she has been such a long-time critic.

The only bright side is that the chickens must surely come home to roost at the next election.


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