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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Fat chance (or I've long disliked Tim Yeo)

This is an absolute hoot. Sometimes it is possible to ridicule and laugh even at your own Party. This takes the biscuit (no food pun intended!). How can Tim Yeo honestly "point the finger of blame at the Labour Government after Britain's top doctors warned of the grave dangers facing the nation from obesity".

What!?!? So John Prescott has gone around shoving pies into the mouths of overweight young children? Yes the Government could do more to deal with it in schools but ought it not be Tory thinking for people who eat too much fast-food to take some responsibility for the side-effects of this themselves?

Or maybe he means that with such well-endowed Members as Mr Prescott, Ms Short, Mr C Clarke and co the Government are pushing up the obesity figures and that they should slim? Then again people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. What about Miss Widdecombe, Mr Soames, Mr K Clarke and Lord Strathclyde? All political 'heavyweights'! Then again...wasn't Miss Widdecombe on Celebrity Fat Club? That must be what he means - no-one from the Government took part!


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