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Monday, February 02, 2004

Will Tony stay the odd one out?

Harry's Place is, I think justifiably, indignant about the prospect of Bush calling an independent inquiry into intelligence in the run-up to war with Iraq.

"Just what Blair wanted from his 'ally' at the end of the week like this one: US to probe pre-war intelligence

Who'd be a New Labour spin doctor? Try arguing against the need for an inquiry in Britain when even the evil one is going all open government.

The only respectable line I can think of us: "What, you want another whitewash?"

PS: How does one go about calling for an independent inquiry by the way? I'd love to get some Lord putting all Stop the War's financial documents and internal emails online for public consumption."

Odds of the Bush-Blair friendship being sacrificed on the high altar of re-election? I am increasingly suspicious that the inquiry will blame British intel sources...Oh well at least Tony can blame them then too!

I do suspect that we will hear him call for one soon, with the line that they'd never ruled it out anyway and had been considering it but that they were waiting for facts from Iraq. We've had a cooling of the line already. At least Michael Howard can claim one victory from the whole debacle then! In my humble opinion he has engineered Hutton off the headlines and intelligence on weapons of mass destruction on quite cunningly.

UPDATE: 4/2/04 - I shan't say I told you so, but....


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