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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Blueprint for blue disaster?

I agree immensely with what Free Democrat has to say about the EU Constitution. I also feel that there is a need for a single unifying, clarifying Treaty (whether it's called a constitution is for me irrelevant as both States and Golf Clubs (of the house variety) have such things). My concern with this one, and why we should not sign it, is that it is gold-plated. The direction of power shifts from member states upwards to a system under which power is effectively delegated downwards; since the Commission and institutions of the EU are in place 'forever'.


I am also concerned that this is a convenient trap into which Mr Blair can lure Mr Howard. It should be opposed and it should be clear the Conservatives oppose it. Nevertheless, Mr Howard should be very wary of sleep-walking into the situation where the Party's relationship with Europe verges on the obsessive...especially on an issue which is such a turn-off with much of the public.


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