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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Corridors of power

Sorry for the sparse postings in the last few days. Yesterday I had a 'Westminster Day' going to watch Prime Minister's Questions before a reception and then dinner at the Carlton Club with its Chairman. It was thoroughly enjoyable and very entertaining with two particular events sticking out.

On entering the Carlton Club I had the fantastic excitement of seeing Maggie Thatcher herself coming out and had to hold the door open for her. She's still not lost ne sais quoi.

Whilst chatting with Michael Howard he assured me that I 'had launched his leadership challenge'. I asked if I could quote him on that, he agreed, so here it is specially for you!

The other momentous event of yesterday was Lord Woolf's speech at the Law Faculty, much reported, tearing into the government's disastrous constitutional tinkerings. They are either unnecessary or wrong, just like the waste of time which is the renaming of the Crown Prosecution Service. What an exciting day!


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