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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Back in Cambridge...and it's raining

Back for my final term in Cambridge, exams and all, and it's raining.

Not only that but over the vacation someone has broken one of the tabs of a shelf in the kitchen and when placing my favourite Guinness glass on it it goes and collapses, shattering my glass everywhere.

And to cap it all, Bromsgrove Rovers go and draw 2-2 at home to bottom of the table Cinderford Town. There is now no way we are going to get into the Dr Martens Premier next year...and that will effectively be the standard we are at now. Truly inept defending and falling over gifted them two goals in the first seven minutes when they looked truly nervy. I thought we could have got seven or eight given how shaky Cinderford looked. Then they packed the defence and despite camping out in their half we could only manage a draw.

A win and we could really have kept the pressure on Sutton and Solihull... despite capitulating against Solihull and Halesowen over Easter.

Then again, with the Chairman saying in the programme notes how everyone couldn't wait for the season to end what do you expect....disgusting attitude when he expects us to keep paying to see it!


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