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Thursday, May 27, 2004

LibDems not up to it

LibDems have, they think been proved correct on Iraq, "[b]ut it's not yet good enough to convince the British people that this is a party ready to replace either the Conservatives or Labour as a party of government.

Our health and education policies still duck difficult questions about making public services accountable to the public rather than public sector interests. Our media policy could have been written by the BBC and leaves us wishing to axe the 'unfair' council tax while defending a presumably 'fair' poll tax on a piece of furniture. Our tuition fees policy may be rendered redundant by time if there is no collapse in university numbers or crisis of student poverty as a result of government policy. The most heated debate at our last party conference was not a matter of great public interest, but an internal bust-up between the leadership and federal executive about the appointment of candidates for the House of Lords, an institution we wish to abolish."

Not my words but those of a LibDem newsletter....I couldn't agree (much) more!


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