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Friday, May 21, 2004

Yet again...

I've always thought Matthew Taylor, LibDem Chairman, was a pratt but he's confirmed it today:

"With a General Election now likely to be less than a year away, Polls taken on the same basis both in 2000 and today show the Conservatives making no advance at all - it is the Liberal Democrats electors are turning to, because they know we offer the support for nurses, doctors, education and the environment which Labour has failed to deliver, and which the Conservatives don’t want to deliver."

Of course the Conservatives and Labour WANT to deliver that. This is just typical of the sort of gutter politics much of the Party seems to prosper from. We've had pictures of American abuse in Abu Ghraib prison under captions of "WHAT LABOUR (AND THE CONSERVATIVES) DID TO HUMAN RIGHTS IN IRAQ", we have deliberately posed publicity to make it sound like their policies are completely different, a misleading political broadcast purporting genuine harassment of pensioners in relation to council tax and a rabid campaign to poke fun at the Tory Party. All at the same time as they try to extol 'hohnest pohlitics' which marks them out from the other main parties.

Here Taylor politely 'forgets' to mention the two Conservatives gains from LibDems in Folkestone & Hythe in the last month when he asserts voters in Howard's constituency are flocking to them. Tripe.


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