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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Poor old Paula

Almost as heart-rending as Paula Radcliffe's breakdown in today's marathon (she must be a psychological mess after always being so close) was the tragedy which is American commentary. There was a complete absence of any knowledge, intelligence, foresight or interest in the drivel with which my ears were pummelled.

Particular classics included:

-As the leading four had just run up a fairly hard incline, but by no means the highest:
"Let's take a minute or two's silence now just to appreciate that hill."

"Yeah, Randy, let's just take it all in in peace."

[Cue minute's silence. And I mean a good minute. This wasn't just metaphorical]


"Wow, Randy."

[Cue pause}

"Now that we've paid our respects to that hill, that obstacle you can see that Noguchi is still in the lead".


-"Well, what you can see there is that a short person with long legs can take longer strides than a long person with short legs going downhill."

"Or, longer strides than a short person with short legs."

At points I longed for just one split breakdown of the times or differences between the runners. I'm staggered by the lack of analysis or engagement you get. It's just mere speculation!
I promise, I shall try to never complain about the BBC again....


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