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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I've normally enjoyed watching the LibDem Conference but this year I have detected a certain malice in the speeches which can only be explained by the faintest whiff of power. In particular I was irritated by Lord Razzall:

Lib Dem campaigns chief Lord Razzall predicted his party would form the next non-Labour government, adding: "The Tories are finished."

This may or may not be true but if people believe the LibDem propoganda then it's more likely to. Preceding this was a pretty poor attack on the Tories for 'flip-flopping' (the most hateful news phrase to emerge in the last few years...) and at the same time engaging in a pretty shameful misrepresentation of policies to 'back this up', the peak of which was an accusation that the Party would allow banks to charge bank rates to students who took loans: which is not the policy at all!


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