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Friday, November 26, 2004

Here's a blast from back home

I've always been slightly annoyed by the not-very-Liberal Democrats representation of themselves to be an honest and positive party above the political fray of their two larger cousins. There is another example from my home constituency, West Worcestershire here on their brand new website. Having conducted an apparently pointless poll of people living in nearby Pershore they have released their results - and it transpires the questions were all totally negative and misleading!

"When asked about Sir Michael's support for the Fairer Funding for Schools campaign, 74% of those who replied said the MP is not doing enough. Similarly, 84% said he could have done more to safeguard the future Community Hospital."

What on earth is the productive point of asking people whether they think the MP has done enough? Perhaps Tom Wells would have been better off actually doing something? Perhaps he could put his mind to the question of what more he would have done, because in this petty personal attack there's certainly no positive contribution? Michael Spicer is involved with the Fairer Funding for Schools campaign; what more does Tom Wells want him to do?

Unfortunately, until I hear that then it will be very hard to take Mr Wells or the not-very-Lib Dems seriously.

Perhaps he should spend more time focussing on his own job, as leader of Malvern Hills District Council, and look at seeing whether he "could've done more" about the hospital supposed to be built in Malvern which his own council could have pushed for much more.


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