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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It still stinks

If this is the best argument they can come up with in support of ID cards then I am convinced that I am right.

I have gone from having massive respect for Janet Daley, to almost nearly none. Some concerning an invitation she responded to most rudely and the rest concerning fatuous articles like this one.

Most striking, however, were these comments:

"Government is not seen so much as an august, disinterested body as a kind of super-person whom you, as a voter, want to believe shares your own beliefs and perspective. "


"Most voters now believe that the government can (and should) embody what decent, right-thinking people believe to be beneficent social attitudes."

If this is the case (as it may well be) then politics will be reduced to little more than a mad rush to respond first to public opinion and reflect and echo it rather than having a debate and letting the public make their choice. Actually, that is probably what has happened. It does not mean that we have to accept such sloppy thought. It does not mean we should stop promoting values we believe to be right and respectable. It does not mean we should surrender the fight. I always thought the Tory Party would rail against this, entirely popular or not. Unfortunately it is beginning to abandon me.


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