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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

BBC bias?

Sorry for the quiet period - I have been reinspired reading this article on the BBC website about the proposed EU Constitution and was staggered by the pro-European bias which it betrays. Subtle, slightly hidden but ever so influential.

"The constitution was signed last year to change the way the European Union works now it has 25 members."
If that was purely the case why wasn't it prepared before the accession of new members? The clear emphasis here is that we need the constitution because we're now so big. It is an easy logical step to make from this to having to support it.

"Months of negotiation ended last October when European leaders signed the constitution, designed to streamline EU decision making."

I wouldn't say it is in any way fair to say it was designed to "streamline EU decision making". I would say it was designed to streamline EU integration. Decision-making on new issues currently not regulated by the EU is the real area it will have its greatest impact.

"But replacing the veto with qualified majority voting in other areas could produce reforms the UK wanted. "

This is almost certainly true - but it is stated as fact rather than opinion. It is also highly likely it will produce reforms which the UK does not want and can never realistically get back out of.

It is subtle bias and slight misrepresentation like this which has subliminal effects on people and is so characteristic of bias often shown by the Beeb.


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