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Friday, March 04, 2005

Good for a laugh!

There's an EU Commissioner blogging. Full credit to her for that, and she's even doing it in a second language. The content of the blog does, however, worry me in its non sequiturs and thin content. Is this really the unelected commissioner running a continent? It helps outline one of the big dangers of politicians blogging we get to see what they're really like, weaknesses and all.

Most interesting from the site, however, are the battles that rage in the comments sections - for me they show the benefits of a multi-speed Europe where we all, largely, achieve our goals of membership (apart from the nuttiest Eurofanatics!). Interestingly, that has been the consensus amongst the many Europeans I am friendly with and have spoken with at UPenn: why should Britain be forced to hold back a France and Germany eager for greater cooperation, and why should Britain have to choose between the French and German way or the highway? And people scoff at Michael Howard for building his plans around this.


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