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Monday, May 09, 2005

A distinction without a difference

According to the Independent in the UK, these are the dividing lines within the Conservative Party between the so-called "mods" and "rockers".

Modernisers want any tax changes to help the poor, pensioners and families with children.
But those on the right of the Conservative Party are in favour of across-the-board tax cuts, including for the highest earners.

Modernisers think the party want more emphasis on policies helping families and working mothers - including single mothers - including a more well-rounded childcare policy. Those on the right favour accentuating marriage and the traditional family as the best way to bring up children. They are less in favour of framing policy to help lone parents.

Public services
Modernisers believe the National Health Service and good state schooling should be at the top of the Conservative agenda. They favour maintaining state provision, but are not adverse to using the private sector to bolster services. The right of the Tory party does not believe the NHS is sacred and favours using the market, the private sector and health insurance in the health service. They are also more supportive of help for those who send their children to private schools.

Social issues
Modernisers want the party to reach out to non-traditional Tory voters, and are comfortable with the make up of modern Britain and the inclusion of ethic minorities and gays within the party. The right is less comfortable with legislation giving rights to gays, unmarried mothers or transexuals. They would prefer to stick with the issues that appeal to the core Conservative vote such as crime, Europe and immigration.

So much of this just seems to be in no way mutually exclusive. What has always infuriated me is that there is a pragmatic way through the middle of all this and it is why I struggle to associate myself with either "wing". I can agree with pretty much every statement for both sides here. Would I be right in thinking the Tories risk seeing distinctions without differences? I worry it's all based too much around personality; a mistake from which I hope and hoped the party had moved on.


At 3:06 pm, Blogger Serf said...

I've always found the "Modernisers" to be a little bizarre. I can go along with some of the social ideas, after all I believe in free choice, but do these people really believe that the way back to power is gay marriage?

Only a small number of people on both sides of the argument get worked up about such issues. Most people are interested in the Economy, Health, Education and other core issues.

Tories trying to be Cool on social issues is like watching your dad trying to regain his youth on the dance floor at a wedding.

The Electorate expect a safe pair of hands on the economy from the Tories, and when they were percieved to have failed in this they were banished. Sort THAT image problem out and a win becomes possible again.


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