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Monday, May 09, 2005

An Englishman in Philadelphia

I had a shock this morning as "An Englishman in Philadelphia" loaded up. For a brief moment I was worried I'd been hacked and somebody had given the blog a makeover. I need not have feared. It merely transpires there are, at least, two Englishmen in Philly with blogs. Sad that I only find this as my time nears its end, but I'll give a link and a hat tip to the Englishman in Philadelphia anyway. Congrats to him on his new niece as well. I am, however, very jealous that he has a permanent link to this on his blog. I hope I can name this as a new addition to my own very shortly!

As an aside, I had a great weekend hiking in the Nockamixon State Park and stayed in a lovely hostel and had a glorious barbeque. The relevance of this to this post was merely that I had a fascinating discussion about the Philly accent with a linguistics expert, who confirmed my original instinct that Philadelphians remove all 'l's from their pronunication of the name of their city. Indeed, she suggested that true locals could write the name "fudufwa"...and confirmed my pronunciation has now become suitably Americanised (or maybe Americanized!). I was oddly flattered!


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