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Monday, May 09, 2005

Huff and puff...

The Huffington Post launches today then. Much vaunted amongst trendies, the announcement about its conception was greeted with hoots of derision from many in the blogosphere and I must admit some of the guff which surrounded Arianna Huffington's announcement was somewhat toe-curling and she did sound like she was headed straight for the "Luvvies" section of Private Eye. Nevertheless, it looks as if it may have some interesting content from its first offerings. Having said that, I do think a weakness of it will be the lack of a comments feature; whereas a handful of prominent blogs can get by with this they tend to be written by people much more involved in the blogosphere - not something which I suspect can be said about many of Arianna's gang. It also seems like we will get a fair amount of fluffy guff as well; I love Larry David on TV, but this contribution is...'interesting'.

Let's see how well it fares when the excitement dies down a bit.


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