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Monday, May 30, 2005

Oh happy day!

Thank you France. For once Britain is not accused of being a wrecker in Europe by acting on conscience. It's your title! With a bit of luck we will now see a reverse "domino effect", that is the thinking of European leaders behind the order of referenda to allow later ones to be influenced by what was seen as a certain "Oui", and this thing will be dead in the water. Now, I say that not as a principled euro-hater. I say it as someone who wants European cooperation but that thinks with some streamlining of the current EU and a bit of butting out in some areas we're probably not far from what I want right now.

Who's laughing at Howard's suggestion of a multispeed Europe now, eh? Who's scoffing at the idea we can renegotiate anything to make the EU more as we want it, eh? And who's concerned that their "European project", imposing their view of Europe on us incremenatally by stealth, might have been rumbled? Oh happy day. Now we may finally see an open and honest debate about peoples' views of the end game of the EU.


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