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Friday, January 13, 2006

Lib Dems hypocrites?

Even in a leadership election the rampant opportunism of the so-called Liberal Democrats is staggering.

Today I've heard two pronouncements from the Minger.
(1) From the Guardian: "Some parts of my Presbyterianism have stuck; by their works shall ye know them. What people do; how they cast their votes - that's where they stand on the political spectrum. He's certainly not a liberal on immigration and asylum. He's not a liberal on the patients' passport. These things are now thrown away. Question is, if these things are so lightly cast aside, why were they ever adopted? They were adopted by a party which thought it was capable of forming a government ... You are entitled to assume that if it thought it was capable of forming a government, these are the policies it would have implemented. This conversion simply doesn't carry any credibility."

Applying that to his party, however, still shows they have no true concept of liberalism in relation to economics:
(2) From the Independent: "Sir Menzies Campbell will ditch the Liberal Democrats' policy of imposing a 50 per cent rate of income tax on incomes over £100,000 if he becomes party leader. Sir Menzies will back moves by Vince Cable, the party's Treasury spokesman, to shed its image as a "high-tax" party, which is believed to have blunted its impact at last year's general election."

At least there's no sign of the party trying to become truly national or of dropping their commitment to being all things to all people. In the Guardian Ming is "to the left of Labour", in the Indie he's economically liberal so he doesn't send a negative message to those with aspiration. Whatever...


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