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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ming the Invisible? No, Ming the ineffectual

I'm sure it's a nice stunt for the LibDems in advance of the local elections for Ming to harp on about his great sacrifice for the environment - selling his gas-guzzling Jaguar - but this is far from news. Anybody with a memory longer than a goldfish will recall that he was pledging to sell it, saying it had gone into a barn over four months ago. Nick Assinder's article on the BBC website (linked above) at the time - that being 16 January - was titled "Words that may come back to haunt". Isn't it time they came back to haunt Ming?

If it takes him over four months to sell what must be, by all accounts, a fairly desirable car what hope of him achieving anything while in Government? If he hadn't been quite so smug about getting rid of it during the LibDem election campaign, or even if he'd just been a little bit equivocal, saying he'd sell it when he had time, then it wouldn't have mattered so much. It's not even as if, let's face facts, he seems to have been doing much having been nearly invisible. As it is, it rather sums up what many of us know about the LibDems. Rather too often they'll promise whatever you want, no matter how impractical, to get you onside. Then they'll be rather long on the delivery.

So, Emperor Ming, just what steps have you taken towards selling this car in the last four months? Then again, he could reckon, having heard the grumblings of discontent within his party, that he just needs to lie low for a short while longer until he's no longer leader and can reprise his old gas-guzzling ways.


At 6:57 pm, Blogger Ken said...

More to the point, surely if he sells the car he derives personal material benefit, whilst abrogating his responsibility to stop the use of gas-guzzling cars. Surely mothballing the car would be a far clearer show that he cared about the environment?

Or does this just show the meaningless of gesture politics?

At 2:35 am, Blogger Raw Carrot said...

Well spotted - I thought he'd pledged to sell it ages ago (as you said). What a laugh... Plus he really ought to crush it... or something - rather than let someone else pollute the world with it! Haha!


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