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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The non-party party

Back in. Totally cream-crackered. Just heard a fascinating clip on the BBC coverage. Girl at bar is interviewed and asked about how she voted. She replied that she wasn't really party political so uses her vote tactically. So who did she vote for? Oh, the LibDems. I can't help but feel this accounts for a fair share of the LibDem support - people who don't identify themselves as party animals although they don't like the current direction of things feel they can vote for the LibDems as a non-party-party. Hence Campbell's leadership, from the polls, could be seen as an apparent success relatively speaking despite any public leadership at all.

What's regrettable is hearing this having today seen, again, just how much LibDem campaigning contributes to public cynicism with "politicians".

The dilemma for the party is just how sustainable this will prove when it comes to breaking through the third-party glass ceiling.


At 6:12 am, Blogger Serf said...

If the next GE results in a hung parliament & if the Lib Dems enter a coalition government, their future will suddenly become bleak. They will no longer be the alternative and people will start looking at their policies.

At 3:42 pm, Blogger Edward said...

Indeed - and if the coalition fails it goes back to being a straight choice between the opposition and their coalition partner.

At 3:17 pm, Anonymous Planet Effect said...

Great readd thankyou


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