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Monday, February 02, 2004

I haven't stopped laughing at this for thirty minutes...

Today I found this picture on the Redditch United FC website. Now Redditch United are the football team just up the road from Bromsgrove...not, of course, our real rivals, as that can only be Kidderminster Harriers. However, owing to the small matter of three promotions lying between us and Harriers, Redditch are having to make do as a stop-gap derby game.

Anyway this picture of their manager receiving the 'manager of the month award' is a hoot, because although the main stand looks packed, which for Redditch with fairly rubbish crowds even at this level is a first, it's actually empty. Every single person you see appears to have been airbrushed in in the crudest manner imaginable! Classic. Every time you look you see a different new farcical component...

It cheered me out of my tonsillitis immeasurably!


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