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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Censorship and free speech

This week Cambridge University Students Union had its annual elections. One of the candidates for the weighty portfolio of 'Welfare Officer', Tim Stanley, made some pretty dumb and unamusing remarks during a series of 'husts' held around the University. Now they were not going to help him and I would be frustrated as anyone that that was all the election descended into, but the powers-that-be banned him from speaking at any more hustings. I was staggered by this. There is a political grouping which decides what views you may and may not express in order to get elected.

You ought to be able to say anything at all (within the law) - if it is so wrong and offensive then it will not help your cause at the ballot box. God forbid that any of these nanniers gets anywhere near an office where they actually have any power.


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