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Monday, April 26, 2004

Good news from Folkestone

So, the LibDems in Folkestone & Hyth are "winning here" at the next election and will 'decapitate' the Tory leader Michael Howard. Indeed

"The clear trend in the polls since the last election is that people are turning to the Lib Dems when they are unhappy with the Government - not the Conservative party regardless of who is leader. Our messages on Iraq, tuition fees and on Council tax are striking a real chord with voters."

Not that great a chord unfortunately since the results are just in of the first by-election in the area since the Michael Howard took over. East Ward in Folkestone had a sitting LibDem councillor. The LibDems weer obviously confident they would hold it as their policies are striking such a 'resonance with the voters'.

So...the results:

MAKINS Steve (LAB): 169
NORTH Alan (CON): 575
SANGER Emily Jane (LIBDEM): 352


I hope they'll be updating this website soon too!

Say hello Michael Howard....

PS - with such hot potatoes as this though, they really are a force to be reckoned with!


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