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Monday, August 23, 2004


The more I've thought about Paula Radcliffe's non-appearance on Sunday the more I've been disappointed that she couldn't at least finish the race, especially after the efforts of some in history. There also seems to have been a complete media love-in as we go uber-obsessive yet again...

Now I hope the media turns its eye to the gutsiness and bravery of Kelly Holmes, someone whom I've been a massive fan and admirer of since I ran middle distance as a teenager after her magnificent victory today in one of the best contests I've seen at this Olympics as she burst from last to first over the last 300m. She has had so many setbacks (and at times looked close to retirement), since having looking so promising ever since the mid-90s that it is brilliant to see her triumphant today. That is just what we should praise: someone who's taken the knocks yet still works so hard to become the best, never giving up.


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