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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Just what I said yesterday...

The New York Times runs with a headline story today about Republican plans to challenge voters in key battleground states. Exactly what I reported the argument was about yesterday between Democrats and Republicans. I'm going to be busy on election today racing to check the legality of this in Philly.

"Election officials in other swing states, from Arizona to Wisconsin and Florida, say they are bracing for similar efforts by Republicans to challenge new voters at polling places, reflecting months of disputes over voting procedures and the anticipation of an election as close as the one in 2000.
Ohio election officials said they had never seen so large a drive to prepare for Election Day challenges. They said they were scrambling yesterday to be ready for disruptions in the voting process as well as alarm and complaints among voters. Some officials said they worried that the challenges could discourage or even frighten others waiting to vote. "


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