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Thursday, March 31, 2005

We all need to take responsibility

A great post here by Militant Moderate about why people are disaffected with politics. He is quite correct that the way it is presented and the agenda is very much - especially post-1997 - driven by the press and the media. As such they have a clear responsibility, as we all do, as I argued below last week, to face up the issue themselves. It is not just politicians but all of us.

"If we are to have intelligent political debate in this country, then the means of conveying this debate have to act intelligently too. If all we get in its place is ignorance of issues and a delight in Labour's relentlessly mendacious and negative pre-election campaign, then it is no wonder that turnout is predicted to fall."

Of course a simple market-based view would suggest it is time to start looking at new providers and new means of communication too!


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