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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Huhney Monsters

It's a proud day for me. Trust People has its first scoop*.

Coming soon is Guido and the Monkey's most recent edition of bar room banter. The straight guys this week are the Huhne campaign team - Guido's own "Huhney monsters". As well as Lynne Featherstone MP they "interviewed the campaign team - the press officer (Mr No Comment) and the campaign manager (Mr Soundbite). They were very sporting and gave a campaign commitment that one of the first acts of Huhne as leader would be to sort out Guido's membership card issue with Cowley Street."

I hope this isn't a sign of Guido's standards slipping but the dastardly duo seem to have confused the roles of Mr No Comment and Mr Soundbite within the Huhne hierarchy somewhat. You can check out one of their blogs here, but I think they'll both be suitably flattered by the plaudits nonetheless. I'm sure the quality of the satire will be no less than normal. My sources tell me that a thoroughly good evening was had by all, with Guido and the Monkey being as charming as you'd expect.

I haven't covered the Lib Dem leadership campaign much - scandals and sandals aside - but I have to admit genuine pleasure at seeing Huhne come forward. His campaign seems to have been slick but in a way which is not so slick as to put off the muesli brigade, though there has apparently been sniffing around. What's more he's certainly livened up debate amongst the old lot much more than would have been the case if we'd suffered the tedium of a straight Campbell vs. Hughes ticket. Will he win? He certainly has a good shot still. With the Tories' interests at heart though there would be something delightful about Hughes pulling it off...

*I say, scoop, well, it's not really a scoop, more a mini-bit-of-trivia, but indulge me!


At 12:50 pm, Anonymous Peter said...

Is it up yet?

At 9:58 pm, Blogger Guido Fawkes Esq. said...

Recess is editing it still. If you get pissed and record 4 hours of material it can be a 'mare to edit.

At 9:53 am, Blogger Edward said...

LOL! I bet. Good luck with it, Guido.


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