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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Galloway meeting

I am going to an evening with George Galloway this evening; don't worry, I'm not paying! I hope to have a full report on here this evening and have a few choice questions for him. I don't expect any straight answers, just the usual bombast, but hopefully we'll show him up for what he is.

UPDATE 22/3/06:

Trust People can reveal, despite some online speculation Mr Galloway may have converted to Islam or that supporters may have been putting this about, this is emphatically not the case. My notes remind me that he put that rumour firmly to bed at this event last night by declaring he was Roman Catholic and that this was part of his identity.

Worrying stories were circulating a few weeks ago about comments an Algerian newspaper alleged he had made exaggerating the importance of the cartoons in comparison to the attack on the World Trade Center and the Tube bombings. These assertions are apparently false and the Times has printed a retraction of the words it reproduced. Unfortunately, despite this the newspaper itself is yet to print a retraction I can find or pull the interview from its website...


Squander Two says

"Bizarrely, El Khabar have still not published an amendment on their own site. This is an odd situation. If a journalist goes to El Khabar's site and quotes what is published there, El Khabar will get in touch and tell them to retract the untrue allegations.

Anyway, so, once again, to recap:The quote is fake: Galloway never said it.

Anyone who traces the quote to its source, El Khabar, will find evidence that it is genuine and no evidence of any retraction.

The quote, though fake, is sufficiently likely and realistic for Neil Williams, one of Galloway's political colleagues, to think it was genuine.Neil Williams, a prominent member of the Respect Party, repeatedly defended the quote as reasonable and sensible. Regardless of whether Galloway said it, Williams thinks it's a reasonable thing to have said. There have, as yet, been no mass denunciations of Williams's opinions on this matter by other members of the Respect Party, Galloway included."


At 11:52 am, Anonymous James H said...

He's an odious character and he needs to be shown that many Britons find him repulsive and that sensible Muslims don't want his drum-banging, divisive bile.


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