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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Missing the point over Commons security

I can understand there is, correctly, great concern (especially amongst MPs) over the recent security breaches at the Palace of Westminster. On every occasion it is terrifying to think what could have happened if the intruder/thrower had had genuinely evil intent. Nevertheless I do think Peter Hain is using it to take a sideswipe at something he doesn't like when he says Commons security is 'out-dated and antiquated'. The point is it's just not good enough, not its age, or what its organisers wear! There've been no breaches of security since the 17th century like this so the system obviously works and it's not even as if the recent breaches have been very hi-tech or involved new technology: it's just been people talking their way in. This sort of sloppy language really irks me.


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