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Thursday, October 07, 2004


I have never seen Cheney speak before but I was very impressed. For me he really hit the hammer blows when he had to against Edwards and at times was a consummate political operator. I was genuinely almost persuaded by the Bush ticket by his performance last night. On gay marriage when Edwards made (what I think was really trying to harm Cheney in deepest America) a bit of a dig about his daughter and he replied just with "I'd like to thank the senator for his kind words about my family" I thought it was classic politics. Very clever. A Cheney win after they moved off foreign policy where it was more a sparring along the lines of the Presidential debate, in which I thought no-one stood out. Not as much of a blinder as Howard's on Tuesday though!

I have kept promising a long blog on this...I am halfway through drafting it now. It'll come before November 2!


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