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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Divided he falls

The Democrats like to accuse George Bush and the Republicans of dividing America - indeed Kerry ran on the tag that he would make the US "united at home" - but the fact is Kerry himself is continuing to use his prominence as a divisive influence. It seems that the only way the Republican administration can avoid being tagged as divisive is to agree with a Democratic Party which is in a state of disarray and which, no matter what your political affiliations, has suffered a devastating and total national defeat on so many levels.

John Kerry's latest email missive is entitled "Their arrogance, our patience". How can such an intentionally divisive email hope to heal America and make it "one nation". The fact is it can't and it is, most uncharacteristically, underhand behaviour from Senator Kerry suggesting his election-time rhetoric on this was just a grab for votes.

"Their arrogance, our patience...

Their arrogance may have no limits, but the American people's patience does.
We're going outside of Washington - to the hometowns of people like Bill Frist, Tom DeLay, Trent Lott and Rick Santorum - asking American families to demand that those who control Congress' agenda put Kids First.
Help reach more people and put more pressure on Republicans in Congress to act.

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Repeated polls are revealing that the American people are fed up with the Bush White House and the Republican Congress refusing to lift a finger on vitally important issues like health care for America's children.
With your help, Keeping America's Promise and the Kids First ad can help turn the tide. Act now to help build a groundswell of public pressure that forces Republican leaders to stop blocking action on the initiatives that matter most to America's families."

What does divide is any cheap and unnecessarily partisan publicity efforts such as this. One almost wonders whether Kerry may try for another run on the White House... V-P Kerry anyone?


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