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Friday, December 16, 2005

Liberal Democrats set to choose new leader!

It's tough for the LibDems at the moment with their credibility in meltdown, although those who I trust more than others have been taking it on the chin, even if Richard does harbour delusions of Mr Kennedy as a "Prime Minister in waiting". It could be over for them quite quickly, of course, as one potential new leader makes his pitch today. I hate to wheel out cliches about a week being a long-time in politics, but perhaps any small-L liberals of the classical variety left in the LibDems should jump ship now?

"Mr Kennedy has promised the Lib Dems will come back united - and combative - in the New Year."

Combative? So much for hohnest, constructive politics. Or has he seen in Cameron that there's only so much room at the inn for politicians playing the "positivity" card and that it doesn't excite colleagues?

John Hemming MP - that old friend of LibDemWatch (RIP) reckons the reports of the meeting at which LibDem MPs are supposed to have "backed" Kennedy and given him resounding support are largely inaccurate. At least some LibDems still practice "hohnest pohlitics"; or is it that the leader is desperately trying to spin himself away from oblivion?


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