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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Charity starts at home

Having exposed Dave Cameron's hypocrisy on Thursday I couldn't resist a quick dig around the LibDem website in order to be even-handed.

Simon Hughes: "The culture of binge drinking amongst young people, particularly amongst women is damaging their health. Much more needs to be done to alert people to the health risks of excessive drinking. The Government delayed their alcohol strategy for six years. The growing number of kids that are being admitted to hospital for alcohol related problems is deeply worrying.
Binge drinking is not just a major health concern, it is a crime and disorder concern. Kids need better information on how to drink responsibly before they damage themselves, their families and society

Except, Mr Hughes, mere knowledge clearly isn't enough, is it?

Mark Oaten sums up the situation at the headquarters of a political party perfectly:
"Duncan Smith’s no-show this morning demonstrates that a siege mentality is setting in around the Tory leader. When the leader of the Conservatives finds it impossible to carry out the routine business of opposition then it is clear that time is running out for IDS. It is now left to the Liberal Democrats to hold the Government to account. The Tories are becoming an irrelevant sideshow in British politics."

"These figures will come as an embarrassment to Mr Duncan Smith coming the day after such a high profile rebellion. The vultures are gathering outside Conservative Central Office."

We reap what we sow.

Mr Kennedy: "Consider by contrast the ineffective opposition, the Conservative Party. The problem isn't IDS. And IDS isn't the answer either. The problem is the Tory Party itself, which is psychologically incapable of being led. The Tories are lurching around all over the place at the moment. Some believe that they're stumbling onto our ground." Not IDS who's been lurching and stumbling....


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