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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kennedy back on the booze?

You might have heard it here first....

It's sad that Kennedy has had to go in such an undignified fashion and I do feel terribly sorry for him. Politics, when he hasn't been on the booze, has been his life. Now that is denied to him. Let's hope that he does escape from his drink problems.

In the meantime what will be fascinating is just how long Hughes takes to announce he'll run and when Oaten decides whether now is his time to go for it or that he will be better served taking his chances against Clegg further down the line. Although in my view he'd be ill-advised to run the risk of that encounter, young popes do vote for old cardinals. Good job Ming has been quite so merciless...

As for yesterday's caption competition, perhaps Kennedy already knew the writing was on the wall and was looking upwards for this post!


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