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Sunday, January 22, 2006

They think it's all over...

Well, the news on Mark Oaten came out of left field even despite Guido and Recess Monkey's podcast.

For me the tragic irony of the situation is summed up by the message on Oaten's website which he left after pulling out of the Lib Dem leadership race:

Finally can I thank everyone who has been so generous with their time in backing my campaign. I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend with my family before making any decisions on what the future may hold.


I'm not going to gloat at all - that would lower me and the party I am loosely associated with to the same levels the Lib Dems scraped after Stephen Milligan's death in bizarre circumstances during the Major Government. Portillo pulled off a bisexual career and I'm sure Oaten could have too - that shouldn't be the problem. Nevertheless, it's betraying his family which did for him, as lying did for Kennedy. It's always a tragedy when someone's private life becomes so public for reasons such as this, especially when it will have such a massive impact on his family - who it seems knew nothing about this until the paper knocked on the door. If you do preach family and go on to betray your own, however, greater scrutiny will certainly come your way.

Oh dear.

Simon Hughes beware.


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