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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Minger = Duffer

The Ming campaign is full of duffers.

The latest Campbell Campaign Email crows about including "light relief". Indeed, tagged at the end of a tedious and seemingly interminable list, if you get far enough, is this:

For your info and entertainment...Try entering 'Gordon Brown' or 'David Cameron' into the Google search engine.

So, dutiful to the last, I tab in "David Cameron" and "Gordon Brown" into Google. And, lo, the Campbell campaign have sponsored a link. Applause all round. Titters at the back. Money to burn clearly.

Sadly, this ground-breakingly hilarious move comes after this story on Guido's blog yesterday. The Huhney Monsters had placed a Google ad on searches for Hughes and Campbell, so the duffers over at Camp Campbell (and no, I don't work for the News of the World) clearly thought they'd better respond in kind. Indeed, they now appear above Huhne's link on a search for the terms "Chris Huhne" and can prove to demonstrate to anybody looking for the two leading lights of the main parties just why they never voted Lib Dem.

On the subject of "Lib Dem", however, the Huhney Monsters are still worth their weight in Sugar Puffs (again, no, I'm not with NOTW) and show they truly do "get the web" unlike Sir Menzies. Search for "Lib Dem" and you still only get Huhne2Win.

UPDATE: Search for "Scummy Lib Dems" and you, conveniently, get directed to "the Lib Dem Forum". What self-knowledge.


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