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Friday, March 31, 2006

Positive politics

Finally the Tory Party are forging ahead in terms of online campaigning. Although at the moment it is a fairly small proportion of the electorate who can be effectively touched by this sort of campaigning this proportion is only going to increase and the techniques honed can still be used to widen the party message.

The latest in this regard is this petition by George Osborne to keep the Home Computing Initiative which the Chancellor, having introduced, scrapped in the budget. I would urge you to sign up to it. The scheme is a great way to extend opportunity as well as better equipping our workforce for the challenges of an ever more technological economy.

This is a fine sign of the sort of positive politics we were promised by Mr Cameron and is the sort of thing all of us who wish to see greater constructive debate both in the centre-right and in politics should wholeheartedly support.

Even more encouraging than the use of the Party website for such a petition is the manner it is used. Comments are enabled and the article is fully linked up to other resources on the web as well as allowing easy navigation of the main site. Bravo!


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