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Friday, March 31, 2006

Respect linked to bullying Liverpool mosque

So a few trouble-makers are making Condi Rice's visit to Liverpool and Blackburn a bit turbulent. The BBC reports the protests as organised by the Stop-the-War coalition - they probably are and they probably gave the requisite notice to the police - but we can't ignore the extent to which other entities are throwing their weight behind them. Given the pressure which Respect seems to be putting on supporters to travel up and join the protests for them to be able to muster such a poor turnout is in many ways quite encouraging.

It's also important to note just why Miss Rice's visit to the mosque was cancelled. Masjide Al-Hidayah mosque spokesman Ibrahim Masters said:

"The visit wasn't cancelled because we don't like Condoleezza Rice.

What these people had threatened to do was invade the mosque during dawn prayers.

It would have compromised the safety of the visiting dignitaries."

What price freedom? I have some experience of the far-left's modus operandi here, and it's pretty disgraceful.

Nonetheless, some credit is due to Respect's other campaigning techniques; they're using non-party groups as good cover to agitate and create the impression of a broader movement. It's a dangerous tactic as a result of the aims for which they're using it. It's also a very important one which I will be blogging more about later today...


At 8:35 am, Blogger Edward said...

You post some interesting stuff...

At 8:39 pm, Blogger Biodun said...

What I thought was absurd, was seeing those little 10 and 11 year old school-kids,(they couldn't possibly be much older) in their uniforms, waving protest banners.

Surely some teachers/parents must have put them up to that! I really think adults should be stopped from using kids as cute faces to protest. It's almost as sick as seeing babies dressed up as suicide bombers.

I am glad Condi conducted herself as she did and was universally praised for her poise and charm. Go Condi for 2008!!

At 4:32 pm, Anonymous James Robles said...

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