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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Whiter than white?

With the recent news that the police investigation into the "loans for peerages" scandal has yielded its first arrest, those who rubbished the inquiry, most notably Alastair Campbell called it "ridiculous", have plenty of egg on their faces. The big question now is how many more arrests are to come. Surely Lord Levy must be feeling distinctly uncomfortable this afternoon; the challenge for the police is whether or not they have enough hard evidence to get him. Des Smith, the former head arrested today, was stung by the Sunday Times back in January which no doubt gave the police a start. If he is guilty, however, of obtaining financial gain in return for peerages surely the rot must go right to the top...who else can give out peerages after all? For a detailed and apparently fairly accurate analysis of what he's been nicked for, check out this post Guido made a few weeks back.

So much for Blair's feeble promise to be whiter than white. Murkier than murky more like. Perhaps now this will give the lie to so many other empty and deceptive New Labour promises so many have been conned by since the mid 90s.


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