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Friday, June 23, 2006

A load of wind

Isn't it about time that the Government woke up to the fact that this sort of power generation is not sustainable, despite what they say, and will have a lasting negative impact on the species and the delicate balance of the planet?

OK, the species in question is the eagle, not the human race, so its not going to attract the same headlines, but with all the wittering we hear about the evils of nuclear power, most notably from the Dim Libs, shouldn't we realise that all power generation and all aspects of our existence have some negative impact on the planet. The question is whether these negatives our outweighed by other benefits which can be gained. The sooner the debate develops more maturely in this manner, the sooner we realise there is no simple solve-all way forward but a series of difficult choices - no matter how much the dumb left might wish it were otherwise.


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