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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blair could still be PM in 12 months:

With any politician, especially one as gifted as Blair, you have to listen to precisely what words they use. The MSM doesn't seem to have picked up on this, but in his statement a few minutes ago Blair announced this would be his last Labour conference as Labour leader, not as PM. Were I Gordon Brown this would worry me greatly. Doesn't it offer the prospect of the leadership election culminating at the next Labour conference? Worse, doesn't it give the Blairite Ultras the leeway to coordinate a coherent and dangerous challenge to Brown, a man who Blair surely must see as an enemy after their shouting matches yesterday? That would be a contest designed specifically to harm Brown as much as possible. I wonder what David Davis' advice to GB would be on this...

This would be less of a worry for Blair, if he himself felt confident this would solve the wrangling. Sadly, his continued emphasis on the country's interests and ending squabbles make it quite clear he is as worried as anyone about the effect his words would have.

Far from reassuring Brown, this should make matters worse. This is exactly why, to offer certainty, the Brownite running dogs will continue to press Blair for a date. That or his head.


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