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Thursday, September 07, 2006

How New Labour rewrites history

I know it's only the latest in a litany of broken promises but does the New Labour project have no shame with having duped the nation with "Blair will serve a full third term"? Regardless of wrangling over his precise departure date, if it is at any point next year there is absolutely no way he can be said to have done a full term.

Worse, though, is Jack Straw's attempt to rewrite our constitution for political expediency today. Commons leader Jack Straw said voters expected Mr Blair to stay "to the halfway point of a normal four-year parliament", which would be May. Eh? A normal four-year parliament? There was me thinking elections had to be held every five years! Even if four years is normal, it's certainly not a full term. What a disingenuous opportunistic toad.

We should remember that this sort of deceit goes to Brown as well; after all he and his cronies were crowing the same full third term line too and their plotting places them right at the heart of these latest developments.

Unless of course this is choreographed to give Brown the basis upon which to go straight to the polls and call a snap election. Tories beware.


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