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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ponderings Whilst Abroad (No 2)

Whilst away I also pondered the question of Ming Campbell's gas-guzzling Jaguar. Had he managed to sell it? We never actually heard, of course, despite loud declarations of his intent. To this end I thought I'd contact those friendly people at Lib Dem head office to find out...

Unfortunately the rottweiler at the end of the phone could only badger me with "Why do you need to know?". For some reason the desirability of a political party being open and transparent seemed alien to him during our exchange. In the end he relented though and hinted I might get further if I tried the Commons. No direct number for Mr Campbell's office was forthcoming though. Those "friendly" Lib Dems, eh. Where did that reputation come from?

Then the mystery was revealed. A very pleasant-sounding and helpful young lady informed me it had been "given away". When? "Oh, very long time ago."

It turns out that a very long time ago is, in fact, at the beginning of the summer, back in May. The Jag was given away, to all but no fanfare, to the Myreton Motor Museum in Aberlady up in Ming's neck of the woods. Quite how it ranks amongst that collection remains to be seen, however, some of the museum's vintage classic cars dating back to the 19th century including an 1897 Arnold Benz, a Leon Bollee from 1898 and a 78-year-old Rolls-Royce. Not much older than Ming himself.


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