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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Gloucester City 1 - 0 Bromsgrove Rovers

Oh dear. From what I can tell we started with a 4-5-1 formation with just the brilliant (but tonight lone) Paul Scewczyk up-front. Gloucester scored a penalty after a hand-ball in our box after 50 minutes and that was enough to win it. They had one red card and three yellows to our none (but then they've always been a dirty side...) but apparently wanted it more. We need to finish in the top 8 to make it into what will be called 'the Doc Martens Premier' next season, although effectively it will be at the same level. At the moment I'm not sure the team has got the passion, desire or character to fight for it. That much lack of interest I'm afraid comes to rest with the manager. He made no changes tonight. Even at 1-0 down away from home we played with a lone striker right to the end. Surely George Rooney's time is running short...

UPDATE: I shall have to cheer myself up by looking at the silly Redditch picture mentioned below!


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