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Friday, April 30, 2004

Galloway boshing with Anderson

Went to the Union last night, supposedly for a debate on US Foreign Policy, but ended up seeing something far more entertaining.

On arrival Bruce Anderson wouldn't shake hands with George Galloway because he couldn't be sure, he later explained, whether there were tarnished by dealings with Saddam Hussein. Cue Galloway explosion. Even with a sizey entourage, as large as I've seen at the Union he'd refused to eat dinner with Anderson and there was no way he'd share a platform speaking with such a f*#king c%@t and pernicious neo-colonial b&*tard.

I think there was then an extended period of 'negotiation' to get him into the chamber, but my friend and I decided the local tavern was a more appealing option at 8.30, when it was meant to start at 8 and nothing was happening!

I'm assured that Mr Galloway later won.

I'd agree with some criticism of Bush's foreign policy, not all of it, but was looking forward to baiting Mr Galloway the moment he mentioned the war 'being all about oil'.

Oh well.

Nonetheless, I thought his new 'party' was RESPECT...


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