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Monday, November 15, 2004

Edwina has egg on her face

I don't know why this whole affair (and not Boris Johnson sleeping around)! has irked me so much. I suspect because the raptors of the press are blowing it out of all proportion. What one earth is Edwina Currie doing though, talking about private lives not being any of the public's business?! Apart from the fact she seems to want to take a machete to the Tory Party, can she not see the stark hypocrisy of coming out with this after she writes a book deliberately pandering to the public's desire for salacious gossip by describing her relationship with John Major? He clearly didn't want it to be public? She helped further such morbid fascination in other's lives? Why won't she practice what she preached?

Ah, yes. There's a lot of money in it. And so much of politics now is just a game, of playing parts and getting on the right side of the press, whose minds are very hard to change...


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