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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

To Bush or not to Bush, the question of the election

After a hard day in the field, which I'll blog full details of very soon, it's looking like it's boiling down to Ohio. And people are still lined up to vote there! So despite polls having officially closed the result of the election is still to be determined. With the way other states have gone you can't help but feel things are falling Bush's way. All the exit polls in Ohio, supposedly more accurate than normal polls which exclude mobile/cell phones, showed Kerry as winner though. Or it could end up in the Ohio Supreme Court. It's slowly unfolding and it's all down to Ohio...No Republican has ever taken the White House without Ohio.

Larry King on CNN, when asked why he thought Nader was standing again and hadn't done as well, referring to the fact he had a stroke a few years ago!

Some woman with short hair being led onto the screen on Fox to repeat what the presenter had read off the screens.


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