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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I don't believe it!

Can you honestly believe this latest from the LibDems? I didn't think they could possibly try to wheel out their "hohnest pohlitics" again this time - but they have.

"It is the style and character of the party's campaign which Mr Kennedy believes will chime more with disillusioned, disengaged voters.

Lib Dems cast themselves as real choice. He has insisted he will not engage in negative or personalised campaigning, claiming the British people are turned off by that style of politics."

Really? I probably agree, but it is a bit rich to pretend that you've not been negative at all after some of the comments of recent weeks, especially when you have someone else you can guarantee to criticise each of the other parties for you.

Here is positive and unpersonalised LibDem campaigning...

Ed Davey, yesterday: "Michael Howard's bandwagon opportunism has led him into hypocrisy of new heights.
"As home secretary it was Michael Howard who did most to reduce the number of legal traveller sites."

Steve Webb, yesterday: "Ministers have deliberately sought to delay publication of these figures and waited until yesterday to ‘bury the bad news’ amongst all the other Budget day announcements. The reason why they wanted to bury figures is obvious – they have a £456 million computer that can’t produce any numbers at all on the new Child Support Scheme. The pretence that they can operate, let alone improve the CSA has gone beyond a farce."

A stormer, just under a week ago, from Norman Baker: “Today’s call by Tim Yeo comes over a month after Charles Kennedy wrote to Tony Blair and Michael Howard proposing a cross-party consensus on climate change. The fact that he is yet to receive a response shows just how hollow Tim Yeo’s words are. When its comes to the environment there’s nothing more toxic than a Tory.”

Tom Brake, last week: "Today’s commitment to increase the aid budget does nothing but match the Government’s plans and is dependent on the Tory’s [sic] fantasy economics put forward in The James Review. Their pledge will not survive much beyond the date of the next General Election."

These are just a few examples which I remember noticing from the last week. Still they troop out this line about being "above the fray" and concentrating on offering a positive alternative, which they get away with solely because people have ignored their first silly attack. What tripe.


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