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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Words escape me to properly sum up just what an evil and offensive mind it must take to execute the atrocities and attacks we've seen in London this morning. The sight of the carnage and blackened faces and bodies turns my stomach and revolts all my senses. My thoughts, and I'm sure those of all my fellow bloggers, rest fully with those who are injured and their families. I just hope they and all readers have mercifully escaped.

It is vital that we stand united against this evil and do not sacrifice our way of life, which induces such hatred, in our desire to destroy such repugnant forces. To that end I thought Tony Blair was very impressive in his public address and has made exactly the right call to come to London but to return to Gleneagles tonight. Likewise, having just watched David Davis, give a tremendous performance of his own in the House of Commons, I wholeheartedly echo his commitment to unity - frustrating terrorists by not allowing this evil to achieve its aim of dividing us and setting us against each other - and also to the values we hold dear and which others wish to destroy. Our resolve for freedom and the values we hold dear will win through and we will not allow them to ultimately succeed.

I am thankful I live in a country which can see such a speedy response by our Prime Minister and a debate in the Commons on developments within hours. That, the response of our emergency services and the resolve of those who have been part of chaos should give us the strength to face down the perpetrators of such cowardice.

We must and will show the world that terrorism and all their efforts will never persuade us to surrender what makes our civilisation free and so great.

Our prayers are with those who have been so brutally killed, those who have been injured and those who have suffered witnessing such an outrage and for those who know them. We also pray that those possessed by such evil to such evil plots see the true corruption of their actions which place them beyond contempt.


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